Book 17: Objective-C

There is currently no Objective-C tutorial. However, I plan to eventually make one, so here’s a little Cocoa memory management primer I made to help tide you over:

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  1. kareem khulusi says:

    hello Uli! thank you so much for your tutorial. i read through it all, however unfortunately i wasn’t able to follow all of it. the whole “memory pointers” concept was a little far-fetched for me. i understand it in theory, but i don’t think i’d be able to do it in practice unless i really dug into it. btw, i found your tutorial via a google search. it was the second result i believe.

    i went through your tutorial because i really want to develop a game with a graphical user-interface. i have both windows and mac, so i haven’t decided which OS i want to develop it on for starters. which OS would you recommend? secondly, which language would you recommend i write it in, or what program in particular? (is unity any good)? i have written the game Snake (like the one on the mobile phones) a LONG time ago (about 8 years ago) in Java, so i am familiar with the random() function, do/while loops, for, if statements, etc.

    i don’t necessarily want to write my new game in Java because it isn’t as efficient/fast as C/C++/C#/Objective-C i believe. anyways, could u give me some pointers? would you be interested in collaborating with me?



  2. Uli Kusterer says:

    I intended to write an ObjC tutorial, but you’re right, I’m busy with the day job. Also, with the announcement and release of Swift, I’m thinking it might be smarter to do a ground-up Swift tutorial.

    So I’m currently thinking of re-purposing parts of MotV into a Swift tutorial at though that will also take time.

  3. Paul McCherry says:

    Great tutorials, thanks very much for your efforts, Cant wait for the Objective C tutorials.

    Kind regards

  4. Reza Ebadi says:

    Hello again.
    it’s just some curiosity and maybe a little worriedness about the future. 😀 actually you may think how highflown i am!! But you have write this post on the last day of 2014 and we are now in 2015, it means a year without any new posts, and it seems that you do not want to write about Objective-C here. right? actually i know that you have your own business and maybe you can not do this for now, it was just a self-concern. 🙂

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