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Book 6: What is Memory?

Previous | Next Everything understood so far? Good, because the next thing is a point where many beginners feel overwhelmed by the arcane concept that is the “pointer”. So, we are going to take a short detour and illustrate how … Continue reading

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Book 5: Saving us Some Typing

Previous | Next If you did the previous exercise, you will probably have noticed that you had to retype lots of lines over and over again (Or maybe you just had to copy and paste them a couple of times). … Continue reading

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Book 4: A crude calculator

Previous | Next Now, what we have done so far was pretty useless, so, when are we going to get to do something that actually is of some value? OK. Let’s try creating our first useful program: a crude calculator. … Continue reading

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Book 3: Variables and User Input

Previous | Next Now that you have learned how to write “Masters of the void” onto the screen, and you have probably already tried writing something else between the quotes or duplicating the printf-line, we would like to get more … Continue reading

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Book 2: Our first Program

Previous | Next You already installed Xcode in the previous step, so let’s jump right in and start it up: Click the LaunchPad-icon in the dock, and there, click the Xcode icon. You will now get a Welcome to Xcode … Continue reading

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Book 1: What you need

Home | Next Computers really only understand ones and zeroes. Since it would be rather unwieldy to write your programs using only ones and zeroes, thereĀ are programming languages like C which are a more memorable text representation of a program, … Continue reading

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